Bat Tour Monteverde

Embark on an exciting adventure discovering the fascinating world of bats in Monteverde, Costa Rica! Join our bat-watching tour, which will take you to explore how they use echolocation to find prey in the darkness and how they play a crucial role in balancing local ecosystems by acting as pollinators and pest controllers.

This is a guided visit accompanied by one of the experts in the field, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness the incredible diversity of bats that inhabit the Monteverde region. Costa Rica is home to more than 110 species of bats, making it a privileged destination for observing these fascinating creatures.

You’ll learn about the surprising adaptations that make bats masters of nocturnal flight and the urban ecosystem. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve into the secret world of bats and expand your understanding of these incredible creatures! Book now and get ready for an unforgettable bat-watching experience in Monteverde.