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Curi Cancha Reserve


Located in the heart of the Monteverde area Curi Cancha with about 200 acres has some of the best trails and forests to visit in Costa Rica. This is a different place where you can see many different types of birds that can be found only at this elevation. Additionally it could be possible to find mammals like agouties, spider monkeys, white faced capuchin monkeys, and coatis.

Another highlight would be the landscape lookout points.

The altitude ranges from 4750 feet to 5300 feet with 40% Lower montane wet forest and 60% Premontane wet forest. Five miles of natural trails allow visitors to explore the flora and fauna of the tropical cloud forest.

A natural history walk to this place would take us to a trip in time to understand the magic evolution of nature.

Guided Walk in Curi Cancha Reserve
Curi Cancha Reserve hummingbird

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